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Welcome to The Hand and Wrist Institute

The Hand and Wrist Institute is one of the region’s leading medical practices dedicated solely to the diagnosis, treatment and care of hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries, deformities and disorders. Under the direction of the highly-skilled Dr. John T. Knight, a board certified, Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, the Hand and Wrist Institute seeks to find the best solution for each patient to bring life back to their hands.

While most patients benefit from conservative treatments, for those requiring surgery, the Hand and Wrist Institute uses the most current research and technologies with a minimally invasive approach resulting in a faster and less painful recovery period. Our ultra-clean state-of-the-art surgical center features advanced arthroscopic and endoscopic capabilities with all procedures performed on an outpatient basis.

Baylor Health Care System and USPI Partnership

Baylor Health Care System

The Hand and Wrist Institute announces it's partnership with United Surgical Partners International and Baylor Health Care System with expansion of services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area with multiple locations.


The Hand and Wrist Institute offers virtually every hand, wrist and arm surgical procedure available. Browse our services which include the latest Stitchless Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release surgery.

Visit the Injuries and Syndromes section of our site for informative articles on the various wrist, hand and arm injuries and conditions. Remember that a doctor will need to diagnose your condition.

Where Does it Hurt?

Unsure of what injury or condition you have? Use our interactive new tool to learn more about your condition. Begin by clicking the image below.

Stitchless Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel Release

Stitchless Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) Stitchless 10 minute surgery Minimal scarring and pain with 1 cm incision Local anesthetic No restrictions after 48 hours One week.
Read more >

Dr. Knight Treats Red Bull Athletes


Robbie Maddison is one of the top Motorcycle stunt riders in the world. In late 2010, his professional career took a turn for the worse, when he crashed and suffered and wrist injury. Dr. Knight was tasked with helping Robbie "Maddo" Maddison save his career. Read more >

Corey Bohan is a world renowned BMX rider and during the summer of 2011, he had a serious injury that left him broken and in need of the best medical attention available. See his story >

Dr. Knight on The Doctors TV

Doctor Knight on The Doctors TV

Trigger Finger Release Episode See Video >

Athroscopic TFC Debridement Procedure Episode See Video >

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Episode See Video >

Mommy Thumb Episode See Video >

Arthritis Pain and Joint Replacement Episode See Video >

Dr. Knight in the News

Hayabusa Announces Dr. John T. Knight as Official Sports Doctor

Dr. Knight has entered a long term partnership with the # 1 MMA and Martial Arts performance equipment and apparel company, Hayubusa. Having treated countless mixed martial artists, boxers and other elite athletes, and being an active martial artist himself, Dr. Knight brings a wealth of sports-specific experience and is the ideal candidate for the role of Official Sports Doctor of Hayabusa. See Press Release >

Why I Became an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Soon after I began my orthopedic surgery training, I knew that my work as a carpenter and craftsman would be an asset in my development as an orthopedic surgeon. I soon developed a passion for the hand due to its intricate anatomy and the precision needed in repairing these structures. I found in learning microsurgery an amazing amount of skill had to be achieved to restore function to the severely injured hand well beyond my carpentry skills.

After developing one of the biggest hand and upper extremity practices in the Southern United States, I moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago to enjoy a different area of the country where I had originally performed my training. Over the past 13 years as a hand specialist in Los Angeles, I have developed a rapidly expanding practice. I strive to provide excellent and efficient care to all my local, national and international patients.

If you are looking for a hand specialist in Orange County or LA, I think you will be pleased not only with the care that I provide but also that of my staff. There are no long waits for appointments and once you are in my office, you will be seen promptly without a long wait despite a busy practice.

No matter which hand doctor you chose, make sure you are not just a number and that your concerns are met with compassion and are dealt with in a timely manner. I see many patients who have who have seen other doctors and when they leave, they frequently comment, “thank you for taking the time to listen”.

If you are located in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, The Hand and Wrist Institute has three offices you can visit. For those outside of Los Angeles, we offer virtual consultations that are conducted via Skype. It is very important to have a certified hand surgeon properly diagnose your injury. Hand and wrist mobility is not something that should be trusted to just a general practitioner doctor. A hand specialist is required to have the proper qualifications to give you the best chance of a successful surgery and a good recovery with lasting results.

There are different classifications of surgeons who are capable of performing hand and wrist surgery. Hand and orthopedic surgeons are at the top of the list, because they specialize in the field. There are a number of medical doctors who have had training in hand surgery, but they don’t see the volume of cases a hand doctor does. Plastic surgeons do hand surgery, but mainly of a cosmetic nature. If you are in need of surgery for your hand or wrist, you want to be assured of getting the best possible care by seeing a specialist who knows the latest techniques and has the newest technology and tools.

I am a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and highly trained in the area of minimally invasive surgical procedures. I have performed over 15,000 surgeries with over 20 years of experience and was a key factor in the passing of the Aviation Medical Assistance Act in 1998 requiring defibrillators on all aircraft. I was one of the first hand surgeons to perform a successful toe-to-thumb transplant and to also work with the Free Hand System, using internal computers to assist quadriplegic patients in acquiring function in their hands.

The Hand and Wrist Institute looks forward to helping you. Let me bring life back to your hands.