Our Centers

Beverly Hills Office

The Hand and Wrist Institute relocated its Beverly Hills main office to a new 8929 Wilshire Blvd. Beginning in August, a brand new state of the art center construction began from the ground up and is now complete. This center is over 4000 square feet. From the minute you walk into the waiting room, you have the warm feeling of being in your own living room. After check in, you will be taken to one of our comfortable three exam rooms.

Beyond the comfortable surroundings, state of the art technology is everywhere. We offer a digital imaging suite for x-rays and real time fluoroscopic imaging. These images are sent directly to the exam rooms where Dr. Knight will show you the results on a large touch screen monitor. The doctor and staff utilize the nation’s top electronic medical records system delivered via Ipads. Many treatments for hand and upper extremity conditions involve rehabilitation. Finally, the center boasts a spacious therapy center staffed by the area’s top certified hand therapists.

West Hills Office

Designed specifically to accommodate complex cases, our offices are some of the most technologically advanced in the country, exceeding the standards found in major hospitals. Our highly skilled, advanced fellowship trained surgeons use leading edge, advanced arthroscopic and endoscopic techniques which enables them to reduce pain and provide a faster recovery for our patients undergoing minimally invasive microscopic spine and orthopaedic procedures.

Set in our intimate environment, we offer each patient a very personalized experience. Once the procedure is complete, our recovery rooms allow the patient to fully and quickly recuperate from surgery in a private setting equipped with the most advanced monitoring equipment and nursing staff only feet away. Often, patients return home within hours of surgery. We are extraordinarily proud of our positive patient satisfaction rating for our center and the care we provide.

Reducing Infections

Dr. Knight has never had an infection on an elective surgery in his career. With patient safety as our primary goal, we have taken the necessary steps to create an ideal environment. The entire staff of the center is committed to providing unparalleled, personalized care in a friendly professional environment.

State of the Art Technology

Our outpatient center was custom designed using the most advanced technology and current innovations available. Linking surgeon and staff with an immediately accessible, centralized flow of information, our system streamlines the process as never before. With the touch of a button the team can optimize equipment, control multimedia and configure the room to the specific desires of a particular surgeon. This allows for more efficiency in the OR, less time for procedures and overall better patient care.

Patient Safety & High Quality Care

In order to provide the highest level of care, our staff has been specially selected for their experience and knowledge of spine and orthopedic procedures. Dedicated to the health and well being of our patients, our staff and center provide a level of care, which often exceeds that of a typical Intensive Care Unit. Patients receive personal nursing care during their brief stay and with a very high nurse to patient ratio, assistance is never more than a few feet away. This reduces the risk of errors and provides for a continuity of care that proactively aids in the initial recovery process.

If you are located in the Los Angeles area, our Beverly Hills or West Hills location may be most convenient. Orange County or San Diego area, we offer a convenient Newport Beach Office Location.

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