Dr. Knight can perform virtually any non-surgical or surgical treatment necessary to heal your hand, wrist or elbow. Some of the most common surgical treatments are listed below. If you are unsure as to what treatment is necessary, please visit the Conditions page. The Conditions page provides detailed non-surgical and surgical treatment information on over 50 of the most common injuries, syndromes and conditions.

Non-Surgical Treatments

90% of the patients seen by Dr. Knight are treated with non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment varies according to the type of condition you are experiencing. Non-surgical treatments range from physical therapy to splints. If you know your current condition, injury or syndrome, go directly to the Conditions page to read more about your specific non-surgical treatment.

Common Surgical Treatments

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

Stitchless, 10 minute surgery with minimal scarring and pain. There is a 1 cm incision, local anesthetic and no restrictions after 48 hours.

Carpal Tunnel Release >

Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy

Minimally invasive procedure using the most advanced technology. Ligament and cartilage damage is repaired with small incisions, minimal scarring and quick recovery time.

Wrist Arthroscopy >

Trigger Finger Release

Simple surgery requiring only a small incision and local anesthesia. There is often immediate relief from painful symptoms.

Trigger Finger >

Cyst Removal

An incision is made so the cyst can be removed and tested to ensure it is benign. Arthroscopic procedures are often used to minimize scarring.

Ganglion Cyst >

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