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Dr. Knight is awesome! I've been seeing him for a worker's comp. case and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly professional and very knowledgeable. Parking is a bit of a hassle unless you can afford to valet, but other than you're in good hands.
Wow, what a great experience I had today at the hands of the Hand and Wrist Institute. I went on the internet last night searching out the best hand doctor in L.A. and I was immediately impressed with Dr. Knights bio. I sent an email , heard back from the lovely Office manager Evelyn last night, and she made me an appointment for today. I know, I still can't get over it. I entered a beautiful clean office, was greeted by the sweetest staff, and within 15 minutes Vincent x-rayed my hands, led me into an calming, charming and spotless exam room, my x-rays popped up on a screen and a minute later sweet Dr. Knight walked in. There is nothing that compares with the sense that you have made a great decision and you are about to be really cared for. Dr. Knight has this easy going, kind, trustworthy, sweet yet professional quality and manner. He treated me with respect and really listened and made a decision to give me 2 painless and quick injections in my thumbs. I am so relieved that I can now call Dr. Knight my doctor. Probably my best doctor experience ever! Thank you all, you're wonderful.
This is the second time I have had trigger finger release surgery and not that the my first experience with a different surgeon was bad, but it wasn't as great as it was with Dr.Knight. In a sense, from beginning to end, it was truly a quick and painless experience.
He is a brass tax, no fussing around kind of doctor. He is also the first doctor I have ever been to that is on time for appointments and does not make you wait around. He sees you, will assess quickly, done and done.
The surgery was so quick, the recovery was faster than the last and with the added physical therapy, which by the way, they recommended a great place, Hand Therapy Center of South Bay, I am feeling great.
Unfortunately I will most likely need surgery on another finger, but now I know I have a great surgeon to go to.
I also have to mention, loved his website, great information and is why I chose him, he beautiful office and he has a very nice staff. Evelyn even called me after hours one evening from her car to give me info. That is how you show you care for your patients!
I had a severely injured wrist for quite some time now. After so many failed attempts at a lot of the local physicians, I came across Dr knight. I had a very good experience with the office and Dr Knight. There was no wait time , everyone was very nice and I felt overall very welcomed . He explained to me in terms That I can understand regarding my wrist. I would highly recommend Dr knight to anyone with any upper extremity injuries.
Gotta give credit where credits due, Dr. Knight is "Hands" ;) down the Best & seriously comes 2nd to None. Master of his craft & Care. Besides paying for parking (but then again what did i expect, this is LA after all) lol. Atleast the valet guys are hella cool.
Saw Dr.Knight, & had Great experience! I was in & out in no time without feeling rushed or ignored. Esp compared to past Medical Office/Hospital experiences, a Dr. visit was like pulling teeth & meant taking the whole day off school/work.
Checked in, caught a seat in the waiting room. Impressed to see on the Big HD tv, played Tips on Care & some cool Shows the good Doc has been on. Before i knew it they took me to the Xray room for Xrays. Easier than i anticipated, Took a few pictures walk in the park. Then without missing a beat, I was already on my way to see the Doctor. Found it very cool they also pull up the actual Xray they just did, right in front of me on a HD tv (even cooler Dr. Knight goes over it & shows/explains what he see's)
A Very Cool dude with a Great Bedside manor. Even better for me, that he was able to explain everything in a way that was really simple & easy for me to understand, Dr. Knight took his time to hear my whole story, looked at my Injuries with the Xray, explained it to me & answered all my questions. We went over some options, recommended an MRI & Nerve Test, and without going too deep into my medical issues, everything is great!!
Definitely will be back if i have any future injuries & i Definitely would recommend & send any family member, friend, or loved one of mine.
Do NOT go here! (Unless you are really rich) They seem to be in "battle" with insurance companies and will have you pay out of pocket. The front desk is extremely unknowledgeable (and rude) about the matter. Even though the reviews on the doctor are great, it seems the office as a whole is very under par.
The BEST doctor for carpal tunnel. Dr John Knight was recommended to me and I am extremely happy with the results and care that was given to me. He has superb surgical skills. He has excellent bedside manners and he really cares about his patients. The staff were very courteous, professional and friendly. One thing I really love about his office, they called me after my surgery and checked on my status when I got home. Will definitely recommend Dr Knight to my friends and family. Thank you Dr Knight and staff.

J. Jacob
I have been having the worst wrist pain and contacted the Hand and Wrist Institute for an appointment. The staff I worked with were very accommodating, polite, and friendly. They scheduled me an appointment right away. I saw the doctor and he was very professional, nice, and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me and used terms I could understand. I am VERY happy with the service from the Hand and Wrist institute. I plan on referring friends and family to them.
I have had wrist pain for several months and searched the best hand surgeon .
I googled hand surgeon and the hand and wrist institute populated .
Thank you to this search that I am now pain free. I had such a great experience with the staff and the doctor . I will highly recommended dr knight
Unprofessional. I have tried making an appointment with them, was told someone in the correct dept would call me back... No one ever called back to set up an consultation. This is has happen twice to me and I gave up on them. I will take my money to another business and a place that values me as a customer.
Dr. Knight was fast and efficient when I saw him and his staff is always friendly and helpful. My wrist surgery went smoothly and without complications. I chose Dr. Knight over another doctor because I didn't like how busy they were, always making me feel like I wasn't a priority. Even though Dr. Knight's office is busy, they still give you solid service and attention.
After seeing Dr. Knight for a 2nd opinion for tingling, numbness, shooting pain up and down my arm and left hand from nerve damage I decided to use him for my carpal release procedure in October, 2015, as his procedure was minimally invasive. The scar itself was significantly smaller than the other doctor and the recovery time was much shorter. Although I had to pay some money out of pocket for the facility where the procedure was performed, I must say that it was worth every penny... I got what I paid for... Since my procedure I have had no issues, no numbness, no tingling, no pain -- i'm back to work full time and am doing better than before. I love the office, which is very inviting, modern, elegant and super clean. Dr. Knights assistant Evelyn also deserves high praises for her patience and care. Thank you both!! Sonia
Dr knight is not what it seems. He operated on my hand not only has my hand not improved but he gave me a cream that made my hand blister. I was in sever pain for 10 days. His office staff is incompetent. They were very nice when they wanted my business but once I had my surgery everything changed. I was sent many bills from their office. But in the beginning they told me that my insurance and fees that they took from me before the surgery would be enough.
Not only am I still getting bills from them, but the office staff Evelyn and Jessica were suppose to follow up with the bills that I was now getting from the anesthesiologist. But the staff ignored my calls and now the bill that I was promised will be taken care of is now in collection. I called them about this matter at least 6 times. Each time they said they will take care of it and they didn't.
All of this headache for a doctor that is after your money and doesn't care about you. I don't recommend them. They are all incompetent. 0 stars
I cannot say enough about Dr. Knight. My daughter had surgery which went incredibly well and after only one physiotherapy appointment post surgery (at an independent physiotherapy office), she most likely won't have to go back too many times. The physiotherapist was blown away at the flexibility of my daughters hand after surgery and said it was because of how good a surgeon Dr. Knight is. Thank you Dr. Knight
Dr Knight is the best and you should not waste your time with anyone else. There is nothing he can't do. He even fixes problems other doctors can't. Highly recommend this office.
When my 15 year son broke his finger, I wasn't happy with my Pediatricians referrals so I took a chance on Dr. Knight after reading his great Yelp reviews. And the great reviews are spot on. Dr. Knight is awesome. Not only is he professional, competent and an expert on the hand, he is also personable and has a great sense of humor. He put my son-who can be over dramatic when it comes to pain-at ease and explained everything in laymen's terms. I felt 110% confident with Dr. Knights treatment and actually looked forward to the visits as I knew my son was in good hands (no pun intended). His office has a great ambience, is nicely decorated and he has a great staff. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Knight and I will refer to both friends and stranger alike.
If you really care for your hand or wrist, the best surgeon is Dr. John Knight at Hand & Wrist Institute. I had so much problems with my wrist for about 10 years Paine used to come and go, therapy acupuncture did not help. I saw about 4 or 5 Dr. at UCLA and some privet, all they did was take x-rays and tell me to go therapy and prescribe some pain killers. I was so lucky to find Dr. Knight, he was great. I'm an accountant so sometimes some of the terms doctors use can be hard to understand. However everything was explained to me in a way that I could understand. Dr. Knight is honest and straight forward and gets straight to the point, which is really hard to find in doctors now days. After my surgery since my office is in Santa Monica Dr. Knight referred me to this place really close to my office that they specialize in hand and wrist therapy, I went there for about 2 months. Now I'm really not having any pain. thanks to Dr. Knight. Evelyn is the person who sets up the surgery and takes care of everything, she is awesome. She is very helpful and very sweet. In fact the entire staff are really polite, nice and professional . Communication with them is great, as soon as I call or email I get a respond back. Also the other good thing I love about this place is that they will take all the x-rays needed in their own office and they are ready for Dr. Knight to review in 5 to 10 min.

I already started back on surfing with no pain whats so ever.

BTW they are open every other Saturday. So for me that work 5 days a week, and it is hard to leave work this is great. Also on Saturdays you can park in the building with no cost.

Thank you so very much for everything Dr. Knight I really appreciate everything you have done.

Nick S.
I've been twice, and I ended up going because of the website, which is super informative and easy to understand. Someone obviously put a lot of work into it, so I was happy it was nearby (in LA terms, anyway, because it was about 45 minutes away). The HWI office is really nice - flat screen TVs, modern furniture, granite counter at the front desk, and laidback atmosphere. They get you in right away to see Dr. Knight (hand doctor dude). Dr. Knight is really easy to talk to, puts everything in layman's terms, and got me to understand why I was getting shock-like sensations in my hand (pinched elbow nerve). He also has a hint of a southern drawl which I liked (did not factor into the rating, lol). I also saw another guy who did a nerve conduction study and he was just as friendly and easy to talk to, and I got in/out of the office just as speedily.
They have a nifty patient portal online, too, which makes it easy to book appointments, pay bills and ask questions. It's a really modern system overall, both the office and online.

Don't park at the place though, valet is a ripoff. Just park on the street if you can find a place.
My name is Miriam Borrayo and I had tennis and golf elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome all in the my left arm. After months of pain, visits to the doctor, tests and more I was getting frustrated because everyday I was feeling worst.
I got tired of the pain and of the doctors doing nothing for me so I decided to go for another opinion, I started doing my research and I found Doctor John Knight. I call for an appointment and they gave it to me right away, no waiting.
When I got the first time to his office it amazed me how kind and nice the staff were to me and how fast they take care of you.
Immediately they took me to take X-rays of my hand and elbow, which I think is awesome because it saves you a couple of appointments. In no time Doctor Knight was with me and started the treatment.
Unfortunately I needed surgery for the carpal tunnel.
I had surgery done on January 3rd and it went great. The very next day in the morning I was able to do a full fist and the numbness in my hand was gone. Five days after the surgery I was able to start therapy and five weeks from the surgery I'm going back to work fully recovered.
I'm really thankful for Doctor Knight and his staff, very professional at all times.
At the therapy center I see people that they had the same kind of surgery in August and they still can close their hands,
Would I go back to Doctor Knight? without a doubt, YES.
Suffered for months with extreme numbness and pain in my right hand. Had to get up out of bed every 10 to 15 minutes to shake it back to life...even with a brace. It was horrible.

After thoroughly researching specialists online, I decided to have endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery performed by Dr. Knight. It was, without a doubt, one of the smartest moves I have ever made in my life. The surgery was performed in October 2010 and to this day I have not had a single occurrence of numbness or pain in my right hand. I am forever grateful.

(If I was still in the area I would have my left wrist done, which I am now suffering from.)
Today was my last appointment to see dr. Knight :/ I am actually a little sad. I've never been at a doctors office that cares so much about their patients. Going to the doctor today I was 20 minutes late because we just moved and since our building was just built last year it isn't on the map yet so the directions my iphone gave me were a little off. Anyway Evelyn took me in right away. Dr. Knight came in not even 30 seconds after I was seated in the room. He checked my hand and everything is good. Two months out if surgery and I'm back to normal! The estimated time was 2-3 months. I felt so comfortable with dr. Knight and his staff that I would recommend anyone who wants a competent staff with compassion. Evelyn the manager is on the ball and ALWAYS answers you back. You can just tell she loves her job and dr. Knight loves what he does. I was watching a video on YouTube and not only is his father but all three of his brothers are surgeons. WOW! That right there just tells you he has a love and passion for what he does. Even though I only had a cyst on my wrist they never treated me like it was any other less then something bigger. Thank you guys for taking care of me and all the hard work you do!

Today was my first time going to see Dr. Knight at his Newport office and I just say I am very pleased! He is professional and take the time to explain EVERYTHING. He really cares. To top it off I was in and out of there in no time with ALL my questions answered. The staff was extremely friendly and also professional. Dr. Knight is one of the best doctors I have seen and I know there isn't too many out there today that are about their patients but he is the few that actually care. Cannot wait to get surgery done because my pain is horrible and I know he is the perfect doctor for this! If I could give him more stars I would. I see other reviews and I know we can't make everyone happy because some people are just hard to please but him and his staff sure made me happy and I am very comfortable with them. Thanks Dr. Knight for your time, professionalism, and for you caring!

So within the hour of me leaving Dr. Knights office Evelyn Dr. Knights office manager called me back to book the MRI! She asked when I could go and I told her anytime early morning. She calls me back within five minutes of the first call saying my appointment is booked! Then the MRI place calls me within ten minutes of evenly calling me. All I can say is wow! They are definitely on the ball and wetting things done. So very pleased with this whole experience. I will be updating my review after my surgery because I'm sure it will go fantastic!
Spent my entire life as an athlete and lover of extreme sports. Skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, football, basketball, baseball... you name it. Never once did I break a bone... that is until April of 2013. Yup, caught a rock skateboarding and landed straight down on my wrist shattering the tip of my radius and chipping my ulna. Basically, my hand and wrist looked like an "S". To make matters worse, the accident happened when I had a gap in my health insurance! I regrettably realized that I would have to pay to get my wrist fixed out of pocket.

After about three weeks of seeking out surgeons, all of whom were asking outrageous fees for the surgery, I cam across Dr. Knight. To be honest, Dr. Kinght was the last surgeon on my list mainly because I figured he would be the most expensive considering he had an office in Beverly Hills and is known worldwide as one of the best.

So I gave it a shot anyway. I spoke to Dr. Knight's head of operations Evelyn Cao on the phone who asked me to email over my x-rays. I told her my situation and she told me she would see what she could do. After she spoke with Dr. Kinght and explained my situation to him, she called me back and made me an offer that was literally HALF the price of what other surgeons were offering!

I went in for a consultation with Dr. Knight who told me it was one of the worst breaks he had seen. I told him what the other surgeons were planning to do and he disagreed with each of their approaches. He told me that if I wanted to gain full flexibility in the wrist that his method was the least invasive. But he also told me that there was a chance that my wrist might have to be fused, but that it really all depended on if I listened to Doctor's orders!

As scary as that sounds, I did appreciate the honesty. After the surgery, Dr. Knight and his gracious team of assistants kept me updated each step of the way. Dr. Knight really takes pride in his work and was genuinely concerned with my healing process. Never once did I feel like a "number".

After I had the pins removed from my wrist on June 25th, Dr. Knight was in his words "astonished" with the amount of flexibility I already had. I told him it was a combination of listening to "Doctor's orders," completely immobilizing my entire arm, sticking to the physical therapy every day, and the use of some holistic things I was doing. (Mainly taking Branched Chain Amino Acids, MSM Suffer, Vitamin D complex, and using DMSO Gel on the injury twice a day. Trust me, works wonders).

On September 4th, 2013 I had my last appointment with Dr. Kinght who gave me clearance to go play golf! That's right only four and a half months after shattering my wrist I have almost 100% flexibility and I just played my first round of golf! Dr. Knight calls me "remarkable" but I call him "remarkable."

Thanks Dr. Knight for giving me my wrist back!
I went to Dr. Knight after having been to 3-4 doctors who simply didn't seem to know what was going on with my wrist and had nothing less than an amazing experience.  It was refreshing.  I was greeted with warmth by the staff, spoken to with respect and understanding and always felt that I was given the time to answer any questions or concerns I had.  Unlike many offices,  I was informed about my benefits, insurance and exactly what I could expect during my time there so that I did not have to be concerned about overcharges or any surprises.  Having worked in healthcare for over 10 years, I understand how taking this little extra time for customer service can be difficult for staff while equally maintaining the quick-pace of office life.  However, it was truly appreciated sitting on the patient side of the front desk.  

Dr. Knight had an incredible bedside manner and professionalism during my visit, remaining up-front and honest about my condition while also being clear about what would need to happen to heal.  He was quick and precise, not wasting my time (or his) and it was a relief to hear that he knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it.  I am not in a place to follow through with the surgery just yet, but I will definitely be coming back as soon as able, and I would highly recommend Dr. Knight and his office to others.

Thanks, again, for your wonderful service!

Lindsay Burke, M.S.
Marriage and Family Therapist
Registered Intern # IMF76245
This story just gets better and better from this manager at Dr Knight's office. It is rather obvious this is not him answering this review. For starters he was not there to acknowledge any scene and there was never a scene. Having been a doctor's wife and having been working in the medical field for years and knowing every one in the medical field in Los Angeles.  I would hardly ever subject myself to a scene with  the staff at any doctor's office.
Furthermore, the appointment that I had 5 days before the surgery was because my hand had taken a turn for the worse and seemed that something else was happening and therefore it would be a liability for any surgeon before surgery not to check this out prior.
And in fact, I was 100% right since I went to another well know specialist who immediately ordered an MRI and found a serious condition had developed and must be treated prior to any invasive surgery. I do not need to use a fictitious name as this person implies. My name is Patricia. Furthermore, the referring doctor was shocked and appalled by the behavior of this individual  and the doctor said that she was pretty sure that the doctor was completely unaware of his manager's doing. And for the record, my injuries are handled by my insurance and have been for the past year and this doctor is a provider of my insurance on top of everything else.  But his manager is up to some kind of monkey business with monies and no matter what she says or does can never justify, number one, her behavior, her lying and number two, putting the doctor in the position of a malpractice situation by arranging a surgery without me seeing him before to show him what has developed.  She should not be working for any doctor ever. She is a liability and it would behoove her not to portray herself as the doctor in these comments because they are obviously hers.  These comments will be given to him on a golden platter by another practitioner to make sure that Dr Knight is fully aware of what is going on in his office. If Dr Knight had found any problems that troubled him, he would surely have called me directly as I have left a message for him
I had a severed tendon and randomly found Dr. Knight on a search engine. Their staff was really helpful even after hours, and scheduled me right away. The surgery center is in LA, not convenient for me being in Orange County but it was worth the drive.

Surgery went smoothly, and even though my type of finger injury does not usually end up in even close to full range motion again, I am at about 90% motion and strength after only 3 months. I can only attribute that to sticking with the physical therapy and of course the skill of the surgeon, Dr. Knight. He was always friendly to me and straight to the point, which I appreciate. Highly recommended.
After the initial consultation, my insurance billed in full, my medical charts were mixed up with diagnosis codes that weren't even close to my injury. His offices are booked solid with no capability of spending any quality time with his patients. I feel this is more of a cow herding than an actual patient care facility. I trust he is great with celebrity clients, however if you want to actually be treated like the rest of society, try to find a doctor's office that is not as fashion forward.
Dr. Knight is amazing!! He is so knowledgeable and personable, and you can tell he has a lot of experience and knows exactly what he's doing. Unlike normal doctor's appointments where you have to wait forever in the waiting room, then another hour once you get inside, I didn't have to wait a single at all at this location (Newport Beach). Upon arriving, I was brought into the patient room immediately, and Dr. Knight came in just a few minutes later. His staff is friendly, helpful, and professional. I highly recommend seeing him if you have a hand/wrist injury =)
Saw Dr Knight in February, got all the necessary tests done, the minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery was performed on March 4, and it is already history. Played golf 16 days after surgery pain free. Had the other hand done the old fashioned way several years ago by a different Dr. and this was much better - cuts recovery time in at least half.
Dr. Knight is a total pro, his staff very efficient. I showed up as a busy guy with a painful problem. He and his staff got me through the process quickly, efficiently and professionally.
I would recommend him to any friend or family member. Luckily I will not be needing to see him again as my problem is gone.
After almost 6 years of having my left pinky finger off to the side due to a fall, I finally had the courage to contact a surgeon. I was living in Hawaii and was having a very hard time finding a surgeon who I could completely trust. I went to a couple who made me feel uneasy so I knew I had to search off island, after doing a lot of research, I found Dr. Knight. I went to the Hand and Wrist Institute website and submitted my question. I was immediately contacted by Evelyn, Dr. Knight's nurse who helped make the experience flow very easily for me. I did the Skype consult and knew right away that I wanted to make the trip to LA for my surgery. Dr. Knight answered all my questions and eased all my concerns. It made me wonder why I waited so long to get my finger fixed. Dr. Knight is absolutely amazing!! He's definitely the best in the field. I was very apprehensive at first but Dr. Knight and his staff made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. The facility I had my surgery at was pristine, everyone was very kind and understanding. I didn't feel any discomfort, in fact I didn't need to take the pain medication I was prescribed. It's now been over a year and I don't even realize that I had surgery done. I am also very grateful to Evelyn for everything she has done for me and all of her support! She's been so helpful since the beginning until now. I highly recommend Dr. Knight and the Hand and Wrist Institute!! Thank you for everything :)
I am a private banker and investment advisor in Dallas, Texas and had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I heard several recommendations of Dr. Knight for his expertise and qualifications in hand and wrist surgery. I spoke with his staff, had tests done in Dallas (confirming carpal tunnel), then made arrangements to fly to Los Angeles for surgery. This was a very simple and efficient process. I flew to LA on the weekend and had endoscopic carpal tunnel release on Monday morning and was back in Dallas in my office on Tuesday afternoon. The symptoms in my hand were gone immediately. Dr. Knight's staff followed up to see how I was doing. I recommend Dr. Knight and the Hand and Wrist Institute to anyone with problems of the hand and wrist. I could not be any happier with my experience.
Dr. Knight gave me BACK MY HANDS and I am forever grateful! He is at the TOP of his field and is kind and professional. His expertise exceeded my hopes, which says a lot since I am a retinal surgeon who had a wrist injury that threatened my surgical career. While the diagnosis eluded others, he immediately detected the tear in my wrist stabilizer, the TFC. He efficiently confirmed it with an MR arthrogram and I was already recovering from his surgery before others might have arrived at the diagnosis. The next year, he helped me heal again by doing an endoscopic carpal tunnel release on my other hand. He is a delight. I am truly grateful to have Dr Knight as my doctor. His office manager, Evelyn, is also a treasure.
I recently had an endoscopic carpal tunnel release by Dr. Knight. I can't say enough how impressed I was with both he and his staff. 3 weeks and I am back to full activities. First class operation and the new center is top notch.
Updated - 2/3/2013
John, I did ask your nurse to to see you before having the X- rays. I explained to her that the I did not want to subject myself to the possibility of having unnesessay radiation and that I would like you to at least look at my problem before taking X rays. She left me in the X ray room to ask if you would see me first and returned saying that you said there was nothing you could do without X- rays. It was then that I told your nurse I was leaving. I also told the receptionist at the front desk what had happened and under the circumstances I was leaving. This has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of the X- rays. I dont know why you make that an issue? None of your staff at any time took a brief history.Your Manager Evelyn called me a couple of days ago and said she was in a meeting at the time and as a result was not even aware of the situation. Please state the facts correctly. I also would like the problem with my wrist resolved. Precisely why I came to see you, but to no avail.
I had wrist pain for 3 years in my left wrist which interfered with my golf game which is my passion. I had seen several different wrist specialists locally and out of state. I had been referred by friends to the other doctors. With continued pain, I searched the internet and Dr. Knight's name came up. I must say i was very leery of finding someone on the internet. Long story short. Dr. Knight diagnosed me with a TFC tear and performed arthroscopic surgery 3 months ago. After 6 weeks, my recovery was ahead of schedule and I returned to light golf strokes. Now 3 months out, I have returned to some of the best golf i have played in a while. Thank you Dr. Knight as well as your great staff! DM
Dr Knight was actually the 3rd doctor I'd seen over the course of 2 years about a cyst buried deep in my wrist. I'd been in tremendous pain and gone through cortisone injections and physical therapy to no avail. The 2nd doctor actually told me that I just needed to learn to live with the pain, but considering I could no longer use my right hand properly or write, that didn't seem like a viable option. I found Dr Knight by googling hand and wrist specialists and I liked his credentials so I set up an appointment. I read the review about wanting x-rays before the doctor saw them. Since I'd already been to 2 doctors about my wrist, and they had both asked for x-rays as soon as I walked in the door, I pretty much knew that even though I already had 2 sets, they would ask for another. Not entirely sure why surgeons want new sets but I can say that every single one I've ever been to has asked for the same. Dr Knight put me at ease immediately, took a look at my 2 year old MRI and ordered a new one, and discussed my options going forward. He knew exactly where my pain was (interestingly the first 2 doctors had trouble pinpointing it). I got an MRI the same morning and a few hours later, Dr Knight called me with the results. We talked for about 10 minutes, he answered all my questions clearly, he didn't sugar coat things or make empty promises, but he said that he believed removing it would alleviate the pain. After the surgery, as soon as the anesthesia wore off, I could tell the pain in my wrist and at the base of my thumb were completely gone. The scar has healed nicely and after two months, my hand is almost back to 100%. Needless to say, I'm very happy I found him, he's a great doctor and surgeon, and I would definitely recommend him.
Dr Knight was very professional I had Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. The surgery was as low impact as the video on Dr Knights website states. I have had problems for many years and was afraid of the old fashion surgery. I am very happy I found Dr Knight. I was able to use my hand right away. After a few months my hand feels great. Dr Knight and his employees were great, I highly recommend them.
If I can choose more stars I would. I had severe carpal tunnel in my right hand. I googled hand surgeries and found Dr. Knights video on youtube. After realizing he was local (Texan accent threw me off) I booked an appt as soon as they opened. My pain and carpel tunnel was severe at night, and pretty bad during the day. My nerves would fire off and bring me to my knees in pain. At night it was the worst pain I have ever felt. Dr. Knight explained that is was probably due to how I slept...HE WAS RIGHT!!! He sent me for a nerve test and the results were far worse than I or anybody thought they would be. I booked the surgery IMMEDIATELY. I can with 100% gratitude and appreciation say, that the surgery performed by Dr. Knight was the best decision I made regarding this hand and it's pain. I have 0 (ZERO) pain. I healed crazy quick....and I'm sleeping sound again. I recommend Dr. Knight and his staff to ANYONE that has hand or wrist issues. I was always treated nicely, and the surgery went off without a hitch.
Dr. Knight is very professional and took his time to diagnose my issues. Other doctors missed things that he found. Thanks for the good work Dr. Knight!
I have been a patient of Dr. Knight's for over one year now. I was lucky enough to find one of the top 10 surgeons in LA that accepted workers comp insurance. Since then he has always answered all of my questions and took care in accurately diagnosing me. When my first MRI showed nothing, he sent a doctor in to insert the contrast directly into my wrist, and that revealed my torn cartilage. He never pushed the surgery on to me, just waited to see if I would heal on my own, we tried therapy and one cortisone injection. I eventually asked him to do the surgery, because it was not healing 1 year after the initial injury. We all know surgery is a last resort, but I wish I had done it sooner. The surgery was very simple, I suggest you watch the video of his arthroscopic surgery online (you can find it on his website, there's no blood in case you're squeamish) watching the video put me at ease, and left no worries or concerns before hand. The surgery center was great and my anesthesiologist was a charmer, all of the nurses were friendly and attentive to my needs. It was a pleasant and exciting experience for my first surgery. My recovery has been going well and I'm healing very fast. I don't know what I would have done without Dr. Knight. He is a brilliant surgeon and I feel privileged to be under his care. I feel very comfortable around his staff and look forward to my monthly visits. They are professional and kind, feel free to ask them for anything.
I have a trigger finger and most likely carpal tunnel, why? because I am constantly writing for work and fun. Yes I do get out, but this is a bummer. Doc Knight was prompt thourough and a good guy. I most likely will have some surgery, but he did the conservative work first. A poke in the hand to try and get the trigger not to. Nope. See you at the end of July!
Dr. John Knight has performed two separate surgeries on my left hand. He is not only a very skilled surgeon but he and his staff are extremely professional. He has several office locations which makes it easy to get in to see him. His surgical facility, D.I.S.C. is located in Marina del Rey and is beautifully decorated. His staff, especially his assistant, Evelyn, are friendly, helpful and really make every effort to accomodate whatever your circumstances are. Both of my surgeries have been successful and I would definitely go back to Dr. Knight with any future issues that I might have.
dr.knight, his assistant evelyne, and the staff are all amazing. I have been seeing them for about 6 mo now and can honestly say that I have never had a doctors office be so curteous, schedule appt's the same day i call with a concern, call me then email if I dont call them when I should have. They are so wonderful and really have shown only the best of care towards me. I feel so lucky to have had him as my doctor and would trust him with my life, not just my hand :) fantastic experience, well as great as going to the doctor can be. They helped me make a deal with the surgical center because they are out of network and set up surgery and everything that goes into it in one day. They made me a priority and I will forever be grateful. The best doctor ever. Thank you.
I have recommended three friends to Dr. Knight and they have all received excellent care. My first friend broke his finger playing basketball and Dr. Knight spent a lot of time with him and got him back to playing. The second friend had surgery at another center and Dr. Knight re-operated on him and fixed his hand. The third had carpal tunnel problems and Dr. Knight did a minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery on him with great results. Highly recommended!
Outstanding medical practitioner and a breath of fresh air. I did not have to wait like most doctors' offices. The doctor and staff were very professional and parking was convenient. The doctor was very competent, quickly diagnosed my issue, and took the time to ensure I understood it, then did a great job of resolving it I have since referred two employees and both were equally pleased. If you're tired of going to doctors that never have an answer, I think you'll be quite pleased with Dr. Knight. No wonder Dubai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong fly him there to operate on their elites!
I have seen Dr. Knight twice and he is professional and knows what he is doing. I can't stand when Doctor's don't listen to what you have to say and simple don't put any thought into your personal issue. That isn't Dr. Knight. He listens and provided directions for my body to heal. I look at some of these reviews and people baffle me. I think it's a secret Doctor code to have a phone system that don't make complete sense and you always have to move from room to room....have you been to a doctor's office before? Bottom line, Dr. Knight is legitimately the best wrist specialists I have seen. He knows what he's talking about and has helped me ease the pain in my wrist.
Wow...i've read These reviews and let me say this...I had a very bad wrist that kept me up at nights for 18 months and after treating with two doctors, my insurance company finally afforded me to see Dr. Knight. He immediately ordered an MRI, gave me some meds that worked and physical therapy. After the MRI was read, I needed Carpal Tunnel Surgery. it was scheduled immediatey. The surgery was extremely successful along with the physical therapy and it's been 11 months since I had surgery and I have NO scars. in fact, my internal medicine physician at USC Hospital was totally amazed and very impressed with the results. She could not believe her eyes that I had NO scars and no skin discoloration at all. If you need hand/wrist surgery and you want it done with pristine perfection then Dr. John Knight is the one. He is a blessing to the medical profession and I highly recommend him! In fact, my friends have asked for his card and so has my co-workers. Dr. Knight and his staff are very caring, professional and just simply exceptional. I love his staff they are very efficient, kind and jovial as well. Hats off to the "BEST" Hand Specialist in town Dr. Knight! ! Trust me on this you will not not regret it. I am a living witness to this.
I visited the West Hills Office of Dr. Knight for pain and inflammation I was experiencing in my wrist. Previous to Dr. Knight, I had visited two other doctors who told me my wrist problem was "Carpel Tunnel Sydrome" Since I knew my condition was not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, I researched many doctors online. After finding and viewing Dr. Knight's Website, he seemed highly qualified so I decided to visit Dr. Knights's office. After his initial examination, he immediately ordered tests and recommended I see other specialists. But he did not just make these referals and drop me like every other doctor's office. Every step along the way, Dr. Knight's Office was calling me to follow-up with me. They kept track of doctors I visisted and ordered records. The asked about medications I was receiving and they were very professional. Actually, I was overwhelmed at their constant concern for resoving my medical condition, their level of professionalism and their true concern for my well-being. I have been to see many doctors over the past several years and I have never been to any medical practice that was even half as good, professional or concerned about my well-being as Dr. Knight. He is knowlegable, he listens and he is truly interested that his patients make a full recovery. So if you are really interested in healing and finding a doctor who will assist you, get on the telephone and make an appointment with his office.
This doctor is a disgrace to the medical industry. I have never been so outwardly misguided in my life. Advising I get an MRI and surgery for a minor pain is malpractice. I have never been so upset with a doctors office. And he hurt my wrist so bad during the appointment that I am healing from him. Horrible.
I went to see Dr. Knight about pain I had in my thumb. First off, the staff was very courteous and prompt. Even in passing, they were friendly and welcoming. Dr. Knight did an exceptional job thoroughly explaining my ailments and laying out all the options as well as their short and long term effects. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Knight and his staff.
I developed chronic wrist pain ,related to sports injuries, that was limiting my ability to work and exercise. I had surgery with Dr. John Knight and my pain is gone! Not only am I pain free on a day to day basis, I am back lifting weights and exercising! His staff and surgical facility are first class. I have personally referred 5 people, namely professional athletes and businessmen, to Dr. Knight since my surgery and all were very impressed with his professionalism and skill.
Amazing experience! I had a bad wrist from too much time holding my heavy camera and long hours editing photos (I'm a photographer) I went to see Dr. Knight and was so impressed! Impressed by how wonderful my experience was, from his staff to the doctor himself and the first class treatment. I am now back to work shooting away, and for that I am so grateful and would definitely without a doubt, highly recommend The Hand and Wrist Institute!! 2 fully functioning thumbs up!
I'm very fortunate that Dr. John Knight was on call the day someone rode their bike into me and broke my fingers. The ER doctor had to call Dr. Knight, and we had the chance to meet him. We got a sense that his standards are very high, and was lucky not to have to look further. Dr. Knight performed surgery a week later on a Friday. He was very attentive and his staff was extremely available and sensitive to my needs and requests, even over the weekend. This was very important as it was a challenge to find the right balance of pain relief that would help me manage the pain after surgery with the stomach upset of so much medicine and antibiotics. Dr. Knight's standards are very high, and his staff is extremely professional and attentive. The office is extremely rigorous about scheduling follow-up visits, just don't be late. Dr. Knight and his staff are particularly demanding when it comes time for therapy. Their treatment and care has served me well. My last surgery (to remove pins) was about a month ago, and I've made tremendous progress. I'm grateful to Dr. John Knight, his Administrator and Coordinator Evelyn Cao, and his assistants, X-Ray tech and front office staff. They have made the challenge of this injury much easier to undergo and provide the necessary care for full recovery in the future.
I hardly write reviews for many places I visit as I have had often times, mediocre service and none that I can "write home about" but I feel compelled to write one for this practice and its staff members. I injured my wrist playing league volleyball. I landed improperly and braced myself for a fall; Don't ask me how I wound up landing that way as I'm still trying to figure it out haha. Anyhow, I was referred to this practice from a colleague and have received absolutely great service. Everyone from the front office, Evelyn, to the physician, Dr. Knight was stellar in personality and professionalism. Evelyn helped me through the process as this was also my first visit seeing a specialist. Her kind and professional attitude helped things move so much more smoothly than I thought. Thanks again Evelyn!! Simply put, they are awesome and an easy recommendation to family and friends who also very active playing league sports. Yes, league sports athletes aren't professional athletes but we sure do try hard but just thinking about how much they make, makes me a sad panda. Go Lakers!
I don't often write reviews for Doctors offices.. BUT This office is really exceptional in terms of service and my wrist is now great! Which is really the most important thing.
Had my hand operated on. Did not turn out as promised. He undersold the potential complications and oversold his success rate. Months later I'm still in pain with scar tissue. JUST TELL ME THE TRUTH!! Office hard to reach with weird phone system. There must be better out there.
I have been to many doctors offices and have not had a good experience until Dr. Knight's office. I did not have to wait long in his office, his staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. His office manager was very prompt in coordinating my care. I was very impressed with the turn around including the doctor calling me immediately after my tests. Dr. Knight took care of my wrist injury and I am completely satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Dr Knight to any of my friends and family.
I've never had a negative experience with Dr. Knight or his staff. They were always friendly and Dr. knight cured and diagnosed my elbow injury when no one else could. They took my insurance and told me upfront that I would be responsible for any deductibles or copays which I understood. His office manager was attentive and sweet. It's clear that she and Dr. Knight run a very busy practice but I never felt like I was just another patient. Also they have a great feature on their website that you log in to as patient and can ask the doctor questions or update your information.. you can even schedule appointments! I'd give The hand and wrist institute 5 stars any day
I have never been so upset with a doctors office. I went to Dr. Knight because it was in network and he specialized in the hand. Due to the nature of my work I was off work on disability until I was properly healed to return to work. Therefore my cash flow was not perfect. I had acculmated a couple hundred dollar balance. I was told that I needed to pay it down. No problem, I started paying $50 to $100 everytime I came in to see Dr. Knight. Dr. Knight advised that I needed to have surgery to repair my hand. His staff advised me that I couldn't have my surgery til my balance was paid in full. What? I need surgery to go back to work to be able to pay my bills. How can I afford to pay my bill in full and pay for surgery? I pleaded with his office manager and staff. They were rude and mean. No compassion. They were running a business. Imagine you don't have enough money to pay your regular bills let alone doctor bills and the doctor you have trusted for the last 6 months won't do surgery unless you have paid in full. By the time I had enough money to pay my balance in full it was the new year for my insurance and a new deductible was needed. No one in the office had advised me that the total amount would be increase because of my deductible. So I still couldn't have my surgery because I didn't have enough money. It is the patient responsiblity to keep track of their medical benefits but it sure would have been helpful If the doctor staff could have warned me. Thats just good customer service. I wanted to speak to Dr. Knight directly to explain I would be more than happy to pay the balance in payments but I really needed the surgery. Dr.Knight advised me that he doesn't handle that and to speak with his assistant/office manager. I can't remember her name but she was evil. She was gone for awhile I assumed she quit or he fired her. The office was in complete chaos without her. She returned with same evil attitude if not worst. She was dead set on collecting everything in full. I can't tell you how many times I cried over the phone and in person. The only nice person was in billing. I ended having to have my surgery with another doctor. I wrote a letter to express my dissatisfaction with the office. I never recieved an apology. However I was advised if I missed a payment toward my balance that I would be placed in collections. It seemed as if Dr. Knight assistant took a special interest in my case. I'm not sure what I did to rub her the wrong way but after everything I decided I didn't want surgery if she would be anywhere nearby. What a waste of time! I paid my balance as I agreed and rate my overall experience a negative 10. Dr. Knight is a great doctor however he should be more involved in how his staff interacts and treats his patients. I hope I had a unique situation based on financial hardship. This was my 1st major health problem and I'll never forget my experience. Having surgery is stressful enough for me. I recommend that if you go here don't look for compassion or understanding. I was never looking for free services just reasonable payment options.